Utilize WLM in order to convert EML to PST. Note: Windows Live Mail (WLM) was shut down by Microsoft and all updates and support are not anymore available.

Furthermore, WLM does not support Windows 10 and 11 and is only compatible with Windows 7 and below.

However, if you own an old version of WLM and you're running Windows 7 or lower, you may use this procedure. In other cases, just jump on to the procedure.

With that in mind, we'll take a look at the ways WLM can assist you in mass transforming EML files in PST format.

Follow the steps in the following steps:

Run WLM on your computer. Open the File menu > Export and then Email messages. In the new window Select Microsoft Exchange, then hit OK. Then, press OK once more. In the window for Exporting Messages browse to and choose your EML folder, and then select OK. After the process has been completed, click Finish. After that, open Microsoft Outlook. Open the File menu, click Import and Export > Import and Export Select Export to a File Last but not least take the time to Export the EML files to PST format. If you've successfully followed the steps above, you will have converted all EML files to PST format.