Backup and Restore Imap Emails

Shoviv Software is proud to announce the release of our latest IMAP software product, i.e. Imap Email Backup. The software is a cloud-based software solution designed to back up email data on an IMAP server to several email file formats such as PST, MSG, EML, and MBOX. If Gmail is configured in Outlook Account Each Outlook and Thunderbird applications provide the ability for managing multiple IMAP accounts. Users can transfer information using the set accounts for email, i.e. the import of a PST file into Thunderbird. If you already have a configured Gmail account using the Outlook profile and you want to transfer it, follow these steps.

  1. Start your Outlook account that is set up using Gmail.

  2. Simply transfer your Outlook emails into in the Gmail folder.

  3. Alternatively, you could create the new folder within the existing Gmail by dragging all Outlook emails into your newly made Gmail folder.

  4. Once all the required Outlook emails have been transferred onto your Gmail account, you will need to connect the account to the Thunderbird application.

  5. When you have confirmed that your Gmail account is properly configured using Thunderbird You can quickly access and view emails using Thunderbird without difficulty.

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